Homework XI

1.  Since I am not married now—and therefore do not have any children, I can only predict what the future of my children will be like. That is of course after I get married and raise children. At the same age I am now—in their early twenties, I think, also after a glance at the speed at which today’s technological advances occur, they will be using more powerful computing devices. Although today’s research of nanotechnology and miniaturization tends to be focused on making smaller (and therefore portable) devices, humanity will still be limited by our natural capacities. An example could that our eyes can see only within a certain distance and be able to recognize things of a defined or fixed size range.
Computing capacities of computers will likely be very high by then, but screen sizes will be still at about the same size as the ones we use today. The only think that may render them more portable is that they may be able to make transformers: computers that can change shapes for portable reasons and regain the initial size at the time of use.  Cell phones will have more communication capacity than today’s ones. Today’s service providers are still trying to be able to meet the 4G uplink and downlink ITU standards. The other think I imagine is that optical computing may gain a use in the future as it would facilitate faster communications than the electronic communications that we use today.

2.   If artificial intelligence takes over, society will have to adapt in many ways. First, there will be an ease to communicate and do things in more friendly settings than the settings we do things in today. This will probably eliminate many jobs and may render some electronic devices such as cell phones unnecessary.  Like Ray’s singularity suggests, humans will choose to go on the hybrid side or stay humans. The hybrids will have more capacity than humans, of course.

People will have to give up some privileges. An example here can be that fact that there will be a loss of privacy as some technologies will be able to get ideas even straight from the hybrid’s mind. Cars and all other tools will be easy to use and will have an increased level of intelligence. Animals will be in a tough life time since humans will be able to manipulate them more than ever. Things will be different, humans will be different.

3.  According to history, the more the technological advances the longer the life of humans. This is especially because, for example, advances in computing help advances in medicine and healthcare in general which in turn help keep people from getting sick, recovering sooner, or  establishing new—and—better ways of living. The downside, however, is that the more you use your brain the more likely you are to die sooner (live a shorter life), it is like getting physically old in a very short time instead of getting old in a long time. The theory, however, holds that as humanity progress in the future through research and discoveries, the longer the life expectancy is getting.  According to Ray in his singularity theory as he believes he will bring his father back to life,  people’s lives could be extended no physically, but intellectually by keeping their memory alive. I think of this as cloud computing. A technique where the human’s attributes will be kept in certain databases for a later use if their physical bodies die.  This part will be a complicated one.

4. I have already presented in class about wireless power transmission!

5.  With regard to the artificial intelligence advances and the advances in wireless power transmission, these technologies will have to go hand in hand. Humans and devices will have to be free of power cables for the suitable and favorable use of the of artificial intelligence.  This means that either some ways of harvesting natural energy directly to humans or artificial intelligence devices will have to be created, or some other wireless human body power harvesting techniques will be invented. I may add this subject as possibility to my project topic: wireless power transmission even though these two technologies are not moving at the same pace.



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