Homework X

1.  Robotics and Wireless Power Transmission:  Even though the reverse process may be right, the future of the wireless power transmission does not depend on wireless power transmission.
     At some extent, robots future may be dependent on wireless power transmission after all.An example could be the fact that the iRobot robots that we used in class depended on batteries and that meant no long term uninterrupted use because the batteries could die at any time throughout their functional use.  To solve such a problem, like any electronic device, a magnetic coil would be placed on a robot and the robot would be able to wirelessly receive power automatically whenever it is inside a building with the magnetic power sockets.  This means that as the development of robots that have to move around a lot inside facilities goes further, engineers/researchers will realize the need of wirelessly transmitted power and such a need could be another promoter of the development of research in wireless power transmission technology.  However, the development of wireless power transmission alone as a technology does not depend on robots.
2.   See attached PowerPoints (sent per email).

3.  If I were to be given a robot, I would choose one that cleans the house when I am not around.


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