Homework IX

1.  People of Earth have been working hard to explore the Universe, but the progress remains lik a waterdrop in the ocean—if you compare it to vastness of the universe. We have only been able to visit a few planets, and advances in communications are being used to see if any other intelligent life may be out there in the universe. I myself think that there migth be some other intelligent life. The only limiting factor in discovering it is the fact that human technology hasn’t advanced enough.

2.  Personally, I think Ray Kuzwell is  a “ one-smart-somehow sad-courageous-optimist.”  He has lost his father and this fact has pushed him to trying top strech the accessible intelligence of today.  Kuzwell’s view of singularity focusses on the fact that a time in the near future will come where humans will have to be mixed with technology to become new hybrids. According to his views and the movie’s general suggestions, these hybrids will be more intelligently and actively powerfull than normall humans, a fact that will meke the non-hybrid beings look like nothing in front of the hybrids. We will all be forced to convert to the new mix! That is how Kuzwell sees it.  As somobody studying telecommunications, I have come across different kinds of knowledge about the advances in communications and signal processing, but everyone will confirm that since the neuroscientists haven’t been able to make big advances in the brain-signal processing patterns, it will not be easy to combine living bodies with communications systems ( or chips or other hardware and software) and make the whole function better than we, today’s humans function. So, I don’t see singularity in 2029 like Kuzwell; maybe in future centuries, but not in the 21st century.

3.  The outline order: (Since not all homework questions talked about wireless power transmission, some of the I chose rather not to post all the notes from homeworks answers, but rather the homeworks that I think correspond to certain parts of my outline.

  1. Abstract: will be composed of some parts of all homeworks and some additional information from other online sources and homework I.
  2. Introduction: will use some infroamtion from Homework I (which introduced the wireless power transmission for the first time in my homeworks)
  3. Background research: Background research will be based on Homework VII’s links that talk about the origin of the wireless power technology.
  4. Today’s Research in Wireless Power Transmission: Will be based on homework IV’links plus some other online information.
  5. Uses of Wireless Power Transmissions: Will also be based on what I talked about in homework IV.
  6. Future Trends of Wireless Power Transmission: Will be base on homework IV’s Market Predictions and Homework III which talks about the future of wireless power transmission.
  7. Future Uses and Effects of Wireless Power Transmission: This part will be based on what I talked about in homework IV plus some other research information that I will find.
  8. Conclusion: Will mostly be based on all homework that we did throughout the semester plus any additional information that I will be coming across through the research.
  9. References: Will mostly be based on all homeworks plus any additional links that I will be coming across through the research

4.  My research outline is not missing anything (that’s according to what I think), unless if you give me some feedback.  I do think the abstract is what’s missing for me to get started and it will be some developed form of the following: This time in the 21st century, the use of electronic devices is exponentially increasing. This trend comes with many other accessories—including power chargers.  If you have a cell phone, a computer, or a television set, you have probably already stumbled over a cable while walking around in your house, in class, or at work.  Wireless Power Transmission is a resonance frequency based technology in test that could change how we see and use electronic devices forever.

5. My project PowerProject outline will be close to my short-research-paper outline as follows:

  1. Homepage
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction
  4. Background research
  5. Today’s Research in Wireless Power Transmission
  6. Uses of Wireless Power Transmissions
  7. Future Trends of Wireless Power Transmission
  8. Future Uses and Effects of Wireless Power Transmission
  9. Conclusion
  10. Questions

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