Homework VIII: Toxoplasmosis, Sciences and Mathematics, and the The Road Ahead in general

Question 1:

I find Toxoplasmosis to rather a complex disease, that’s of course after considering how it has different effects towards other animals like mice and how it strangely has different effects on men from those it has on women.   The fact that the article says that it is the most common protozoan (unicellular) parasite in developed nations and the percentage of population (12.3%) it affects is scary. The good part of it is the positive effects it has on women’s character.  However, the article goes far as saying that prenatal and natal or post-natal infections by toxoplasmosis could lead to retinochoroitidis (infection of retina and choroid) and loss of vision even twenty years or plus later. This is a scary effect on both men and women.  The part where it causes men to be more suspicious maybe could be used or checked out by the intelligence agencies like (ex: FBI) to see if it is something that they could develop for their male employees.  After all, toxoplasmosis could cause chaos on earth if its spread increases, men will get meaner and meaner, women will be going in the opposite direction becoming nice (therefore more vulnerable to mean men) and mice as a species will disappear since after becoming fearless of cats and dogs, they will be taken for prey more frequently therefore their disappearance from the earth’s surface.  It is a shame for the governments and medical agencies that they haven’t made people aware of this widespread disease.

Question 2:

Based on the difference between mathematics and sciences, we discussed that fact that math is used to prove new things using the existing knowledge whereas sciences are based on induction. According to Wikipedia an example of induction could be, for example, inductive reasoning, also known as induction, is a kind of reasoning that constructs or evaluates propositions that are abstractions of observations of individual instances of members of the same class.


“There is no such thing as scientific proof” is based on the fact that sciences, being based on induction, do not prove things. They are rather based on the reasoning that constructs and evaluates things or phenomena based on observations.            Math is the field that is used to prove things, mathematical proofs.


Question3: Answer sent through email.




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