Homework VII: Climate Change

1.   Earth 2100: This is a movie about worst things that may happen in the United States if the climate changes keep getting worse, of course for those who believe they are getting worse. Even though this movie is a somewhat science fiction (at least at this minute in time), it somewhat makes me think: what if the example from the movie about a frog staying in a gradually-increasing-water-temperature applies to us? What if we are really gradually burning?  After the movie, I consider this example a possibility; however, looking at the fact that the today’s technologies in climate state predictions suggest that these changes do not seem to be occurring at a fast pace, I think 2100 is too close for such trouble for humanity.  I personally think of 2100 as the age when technology will have solved many problems and humans will have some type of water and environmental protection techniques given the weight the global has today.  Research in green technology is everywhere and it is being supported by governments: powerful sponsors both socially, legally, and financially.

     If I were to give an advice or my view of the years 2100 to my younger brother, I am sure that my views would include some concerns about the global changes, but it would not compare to the movie.  My advice would be a more positive one because I know that the world wakes up every day to work on problems that are bugging humans.  Instead of saying that humans would be dying of heat, I would positively (which I am) tell him that technology will solve most of the environmental problems and that the speed at which the world causes the world’s climate changes will decrease: climate changes will plummet or the problems will not occur any time in the near future.

2.   Wireless power transmission and climate change:  with the today’s world level of concern about climate change (including our class that took time to extensively ponder about this problem), many governments, laws, socially movements, researchers, and technologies have started to look for paths to the mitigation of the global warming.  Most of the artificially things that occupy space in our surroundings have some negative impact on the world’s climate. As the world’s population increases, the exploitation of natural resources like oil increases and so does the use of electronic devices.  Such environmental changes caused by human activity push governments and societies to put emphasis on the development of green technologies, which will in turn include the wireless power transmission technology.

The development in this technology will mean no electric wires/cables, their plastic covers, and the environmental consequences that they bring both during the exploitation of natural resources to make them and long after they have been made and sold in market place, electric cars will automatically be getting charged while parked in garages, which will in turn will decrease the carbon dioxide emissions that are emitted by the gas-oil engine cars and machinery.  The quantity of accessory non-environment friendly batteries that are manufactured will decrease and the electronic devices may become smaller if they need smaller batteries (this change in battery size may depend upon the fact that, if a device in any electric power range will automatically be getting power it needs to work, there will be no need to make large batteries that save power for too long.).  The mentioned examples and many more about the positive effects that the wireless power transmission technologies will have on the environment indicate how crucial this technology is in the bettering of the world’s climate.

3.   Sources of information about wireless power transmission:


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