Homework VI: Spoil Sports Predictions

  1. People arguably say that the core of the human character is the same when we are free of all environmental corruptions, but others would argue that those corruptions are natural. In fact, it has become more common to hear people say this sentence over and over whenever they make mistakes: “It is human/I am human.” And more generally as: “It is human to err.”

    That’s not how Stephen Covey describes it in his book entitled Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. He brings up this idea of two driving forces called: Character Ethic and Personality Ethic. The Character Ethic force is the one from within, the core of all humans, the one most of the people want to be driven by again after they pass through some unwanted situations. It is the force that is not driven by environmental encounters: it drives people to act the same in any situation as they would if didn’t happen. It is proactive. The personality ethic force, however, is the one that changes every time depending upon the environmental surroundings: people, things, events, and so on. It psychologically reacts to the presence of the observer. It is reactive. At any moment, in any situation, each person acts based upon either one of those two forces at some level. To know which one you’re driven by, there has to be what he calls a paradigm shift, or what I can personally call a change of view on things.

    But that is not what I am trying to talk about; I want to discuss the idea of the Observer Effect, which somehow is related to the personality ethic. You have to understand that in the today’s world the majority of people is driven by the personality ethic: reactive behaviors. This brings me to another class that I am taking called Industrial and Organization Psychology. One the chapter about employee selection process talks about the fact that when a company is testing a technique to test employees’ performances by watching how they do their tasks at work, the majority of them change their behaviors and their work patterns when they know they are being watched. This is why the Industrial-Organization Psychologists have said that “Observing Behavior Can Change it.” This happens in all daily life aspects of people and it is the “Observer Effect.”

    2.  My project type will be in the form of a Short-Research Paper.

    3.  The Spoil Sports Predictions aspects of the future of wireless power transmissions come in the same package with the possible future effects of this technology and possible changes that are being made today. However, it is hard to summarize exactly where this technology is today without having to do a thorough research about it as I will be doing for the mid-term project. At this point, I would personally say that the wireless power transmission technology is acting like a butterfly and the butter fly effect that it is creating will be more lucid once it becomes ubiquitous and popular in daily use.

    Governments, companies, and individuals worldwide are investing in different research areas. However, at this moment, I do not how much or at what pace the investments in the wireless power technology is being made. If it is not enough investments, the technology could disappear in time. Something keeps me optimistic and that is the fact that the world is trying to go green, protect the environment. This could be the driving force to the investments in this research area. If it is enough investments, the technology will prosper and it will change many things in our daily lives. As also mentioned earlier in time, some of the following effects may occur:

    Effect on people and Society:

    • There may be increase in power use because of transmission loses
    • People will like this system better than the wired power transmission
    • People may start getting more interested in electric cars

    Effect on organizations:

    • Wired power cable companies may lose customers that usually buy household power cables
    • Cable companies may adapt to the new changes and start producing the resonance based power transmitters
    • Electronic Device companies will change the way their devices are made by adding the magnetic coils to them so that they can wirelessly transmit power
    • New companies may rise to compete in this technology domain

    Effect on government and other institution policies:

    • Governments may favor it because it would be green technology oriented
    • For this reason, the government may change tax rates for people that install wireless power systems into their company facilities and houses
    • Big companies, schools, or hospitals may technically incorporate the fact that, whether they allow it or not, all the employees’ and customers’ electronic devices would be getting electrically charged whenever they enter the facilities (such an effect could create a salary reduction or products or service prices to increase)

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