Homework V

I.   Project: Wireless power transmission

  1. Type: A short research paper
  2. The future of wireless power transmission and its possible technological, social, and economic effects.
  3. Since I have been working on it on the past homeworks, I need to do a more extended research on it from different sources to understand it possible future trends.


1)      Possible technologies or businesses that will be caused by the ubiquitous wirelessly transmitted power is the electronic devices design technology, say for example, mobile phones, television sets, game consoles, electric cars, robots, and so on.

2)      TRIZ technology improvement principles (applied to wireless power transmission systems):

  1. Principle 23: Feedback: Future power systems and electronic devices should be engineered such that whenever the batter of the device is full with power, the electromagnetic frequency switch turns itself off or on depending upon the voltage within the battery of the device.
  2. Principle 25:  Self-Service:  Like continuity, the wireless power transmission would not require some charger to serve it to the device; the devices that are adjusted to the electromagnetic frequency of the power within a certain place or building would automatically serve them without some plugging.
  3. Principle 6: Universality:  This could be done by creating a wireless power system that can charge any device of any voltage, just by creating an automatic frequency calibration/adjustment to the devices power characteristics.
  4. Principle 20: Continuity of useful action: This would be the main advantage of wireless power transmission. In today’s power transmission systems, we have to keep recharging electronic devices even though we live in houses with electricity. However, with wireless power transmission, a cell phone or a device in a backpack or in a purse could still charge itself without having to take it out of the bag/purse.
  5. Principle 15: Dynamics: Since power voltages and frequencies are not the same depending upon countries, power outlets and electronic devices could be designed in a way such that the power transmission frequencies can be adjusted depending upon the power system.

3)      Possible future respective advantages from applying the above 5 TRIZ principles:

  1. Automatic feedback would allow power management (no waste of power).
  2. Self-service with no power cables would be a more environmental technique (green technology oriented). It means, there would be no metallic/plastic cable wastes to poison the soil. It is also space efficient not to have cable everywhere in the house.
  3. Universality: could allow people not to have some type of specific chargers that we use in the today’s wired power transmission techniques.  No more Samsung cable that can’t charge a Nokia cell phone. In these days, you lose a charger and have to go buy another one: simply bad.
  4. Continuity of useful action would allow people to keep using their devices without having to plug them to the power outlet as long as they are staying within the wireless power transmission distance range. It is also timesaving.
  5. Dynamics: Whenever you move to another country outside of the US, you have to go to the store to by some voltage adapter to let you use your devices while staying in another country. With a dynamic power transmission system, devices out wireless power outlets could be dynamically adjusted so that they can accomplish the needed power transmission without having to buy adapters.

III.   The Last Lecture:

A.   Insights

  • We should define our dreams/interests well and note/write them somewhere
  • When you’re doing bad (screwing up) and nobody  around you is telling you about it, it means you are in a bad company (have bad friends)
  • The brick walls are there for a reason, they let us show badly we want things.

B.   Application to my future:  I have learned that I should never give up whenever I fail doing or achieving something. It also tells me that such circumstances could be an eye opening opportunity to some other path. For example, whenever, I fail a first test in a class, it gives me strength to work hard for the next test. Such views can apply to some other big projects in life.


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