Welcome to The Road Ahead!

The world has changed and so has the humankind. As new problems arise, people are faced with the challenge to meet a multitude of daily needs. Different solutions are to be reached through different paths. The Road Ahead is about future technologies, their feasibility, and where the overall outcome may take us as humans.

Coming up: I will be posting different introductions and respective links about future technologies that I will come across. Please feel free to leave feedback about posted information so that we can openly discuss about what the road ahead holds for us. Enjoy!


Optical Computing, a Possible Form of Future of Computing

Except in optical communications, the signal transmission inside almost all devices still depends on the electronic transfer.  While the Einstein’s theory that the speed of light is the fastest we have at this moment still holds, scientists are doing research and predicting that this property could be used in the future computing technologies also known as Optical Computing. If this breakthrough occurs, computers will run at higher-than-ever speeds. Need more information about this technology? Check out the following link.

The Future of Power Transmission

This time in the 21st century, the use of electronic devices is exponentially increasing. This trend comes with many other accessories—including power chargers.  If you have a cell phone, a computer, or a television set, you have probably already stumbled over a cable while walking around in your house, in class, or at work.  Wireless Power Transmission is a resonance frequency based technology in test that could change how we see and use electronic devices forever. For more information about The Future of Power Transmission, please click here.

Ten Emerging Technology Trends to Watch over the Next Decade

This is a link that I came across over the 2011 Christmas Break and I thought it was interesting due to the fact that it looks at future technologies and how they may affect the way we live and interact with each other here on planet Earth. It is not based on some exact facts, but rather on observations, imagination, and opinions: It is a glance at what could be in the future.  For more information click here.